In The Year Of Our Lord April 7TH Sunday Two Thousand Nineteen

Many People believe we are in the last times, but have little faith Our Lord and God can keep His Word.

They don’t bother to seek Their Heavenly Father’s Face by Opening The Written Word in there secret place and Read crying out Abba Father.

Rather they would do it Like there real father the father of lies, which is apparent because they would rather believe and profess a lie instead of What is Clearly Written.

For Example: you want to know about endtime prophecy; Profits of the True God do not sell the Words God for money. Hint they may receive donations but the would never hawk them, or beg for them.

You may also apply this to all the Five Ministries of Our True God. Hint never would they knowing receive money from a rich man whom had even the appearance of dishonesty; these moneys should be given to the poor whom through their suffering sanctify money as a ransom of their life. Example: The Widow’s mites were worth more it God’s Kingdom than bags of gold or all the bags of gold; God does more with less (remember the loaves and fishes).

Remember All five of the ministries of The True God are really not little jesuses, but are in the Spirit Of Elijah/John The Baptist being Filled with The Most Holy Spirit before Jesus; don't start shouting blasphemy; Remember Jesus Was God/Is God/And Will Always Be God, but laid down His Deity, to walk as a man.Only as a man could he live the sanctified life to save us.

Yes, Yes He Lived a Sanctified Life Being Filled With The Most Holy Spirit During Being Baptised By John. He was Crucified To reconcile Us To Our Heavenly Father Being Perfected Through Suffering, for Our Sin, Laying Down His Life For Our sinful Life.

Yes all Five fold Ministries have to walk in the Ministry Of John; Preparing the Way For The Lord Jesus in our future Brothers, Called To Be Priests and Kings in The Order Of Melchizedek.

Yes Your right we are not called to be little god's but The Body Of The One True God Which Jesus is The Head and Master, The Parts of the Body Never Saying To Other Parts Of The Body We Have no need of You.

Defining Whom In In The Written Word as is everything Else which you can find yourself by sitting Down with The Holy Scripture Our Daily Bread Jesus, crying out to your Heavenly Father Abba Father. Hint: All Whom Accept Jesus as Lord and Messiah are not the antichrist, never were or will be. Nor are they the false church, maybe wounded by friendly fire, not having there wound tented to by even a neighbor or half breed Samatian (left and mixed without the 12 Tribes). Yes you can tell True Conversion 100% In Christ The Word is Written On Their Hearts(center of our spirit) and Minds(center of our souls), they are nor rules by their stomachs(center of their flesh) The True Church not only sacrifices, but all the Better Obey’s The Written Word of The Most High God not doing away with The Law fulfilling It Walking In Love of Christ.

Yes We Are Saved By Grace so we have no right of wages and especially the right to boast.

Saved by Grace but called to Work the Works of True King and Priest Jesus in the Order of Melchizedek: Slaves Of All. True Christians say to the least of these sit down and eat first Like they were the master, then we eat. I’d like to say more for now but just a taste to see How Sweet it can be to Be All In with The Pearl Of Great Price.