It's easy to get side tracked in this race we call life.

I have learned from the Holy Scripture and the School of hard knocks, along with this Great Nation's Politics.

Nice Guys can finish last; people whom constantly give seldom receive from expected sources. It Is Written “Give without expecting anything in return”:

And; remembering whom your really giving to:

So What Should Christians do? I have Attended many different what is commonly referred to as Churches that believe some similar things.

I also read “The Encyclopedia of Christian Religion beliefs.Note: It claimed at the time it was written 1400 different Christian beliefs.

It was an older book, it compare not only to different “Doctrinal” beliefs but, combined different Individual “Churches”. When it was written their existed “Mainstream Denominations” comparing different church groups actually believed.

They grouped similar core believes together and to my suprise; often as not for local assemblies differed from what would be believed,

Example: baptist were categorizes as real beliefs, what might be referred to as local church groups with different Doctrinal “Mainstream Handles” (for a modern use of the word understanding).

Most would not accept nor would I attempt without specifics references, define with precision what each reference of different beliefs were.

Come now , I’d challenge anyone to Refer to the Actual Title or , even own one, and or be able to reference the information.

I'm not even sure of the age of the Book whom’s topic I'm paraphrasing from.

The point I'm going for is not only changes from antiquity of These “Handels” (Names “Church Groups go by”.

How do people whom think they understand something, they probably have little clue, or real knowledge, of definition of their own prejudice?

I Thank Our Lord God,The Word ”Death” does not mean what most prejudices are.

Not only Does Google Search fail in explaining what God was saying;  even Modern Webster's definition or or come close to What Our God Wrote; ”for in the day that you eat[a] of it you shall surely die”.

For this reason alone can a person of ‘Reason”

can come to believe one of two things:

1.God does not know what He is talking about?

  1. God’s not willing or maybe able to keep what is referred to as “His Word” True?

Chapter 2

Does The Holy Scriptures help us when we think we are getting off course in this Life’s Race for eternal Life that is good and not torment?

Scripture says:

But; it also says:

Is Success in Life a sign of God’s acceptance or pleasure with ones life?