Donald Trump God's faithful servant and lifter of the hearts of those in the American armed services your encouragement is so great mr. President and soul grateful are we those Patriot America especially the Patriot Americans who serve the true God and our brothers who serve the Lord Jesus Christ so we need to express to them the hearts of the soldiers because God has given you a gift of love and understanding for our soldiers so as they are glad when you speak for them because your words are true from the heart you need to express to the world mr. President we are a family and we are a Christian Nation who loves Jewish Brothers and Sisters of the same guy and Islam brothers and sisters who are the same God but those who serve the other God who goes by the name of Islam the God of this world who is a wicked deceiver of brethren did we do not support this at all the Patriots in this nation who serves Buddha or other religions of peace can serve in this Army where peace is achieved through strength and mr. President tell the world how are soldiers or fiercer than lion have more courage and grizzly bears have more vision in the grandest bald eagle have more wisdom than our wisest turkeys and have better eyes to see than are owls so beware if you want to to come against you they can and if they want us to serve them our soldiers can be the greatest in are the greatest force in the world to rescue and help any group in need and to be the greatest peacekeepers Force ever in history and also they can do the same thing being the greatest of precise destruction