Why does God allow the innocent to suffer?


I hear it asked by many who believe in God and have made a commitment to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; why does God allow the innocent to suffer ?

There are a few today who can tell why God allows the innocent to suffer; 30 to 50 years ago the average Christian knew. Simply speaking “for the greater good.” And the truth is, it is not God’s doing at all.

It’s those who belong to Christ that are allowing the innocent to suffer.

God gave dominion to Adam in the Garden ; Adam married Eve, sharing  dominion, they had children and grandchildren passing the responsibility a long.

They allowed Satan to deceive them and get the authority giving to Adam. Adam began then getting it back.

The Flood gave mankind a fresh start, clean and good, but before long Satan crept into the mind of Ham bringing a curse on his children of Canaan. When Jesus the only begotten Son of God came into the world, giving us the right to become Children of God, and breathing on us to receive the Holy Spirit: evidence of our salvation. We received the power to gain dominion and stop the suffering of the innocent.

We have the responsibility to become Children of the most High God and stop the suffering. Our Father in Heaven has giving so many gifts of power, but when we  go to God for help or blessing and receive His generous goodness, how long until our resolve to live for Jesus has lost its great importance ? Then this life of luxury and easy lures us into forgetting our words of commitment.

Why do we fight between each other backbiting and proselytizing others congregations to make ours the big “Mega Church”; with a know all Pastor and staff to do all the learning from God and feeding us the gospel in bites that don’t offend us; so that we can enjoy our life of leisure and selfishness lifestyle. We call those who believe Jesus is the Messiah, anti Christ, how foolish.

We think we can grab a small portion of the Old Testament and disregard the rest having our leaders teach just what we want to hear so we don’t hike down the road to a bigger Church with softer seats better acoustics and great climate control; maby song great musicians and vocalist so and super screen karaoke so we can skate by our necessity of commitment to develop for our self the talents to Worship the Almighty Creator of a Omega Universe with it’s so many other dimensions or as Holy Scripture calls them heavens .

Jesus say’s it’s because of us He is rejected; living like pagans and saying everyone in entitled to their own opinion (like Frank Sinatra sang “I did it my way”.)That not being subject to Jesus Our Christ. Do we really think that spending a few hours a week in church and paying 10 % of our net income is fulfilling what has to be for us to enjoy everlasting utopia of tremendous fulfillment and luxury? What part of Love is it?


Well as a Watchman of our Lord I’d risk my own condemnation if I kept my mouth shut and did not reveal what God is telling me; to warn His People.


First off to belive in Jesus is not” knowing He exists, the Demons believe that” is  written Holy Scripture.

Second Believing In Jesus is believing in what He says in Holy Scripture First.That’s why it’s written. After that comes the oral, and mental Word from God, even if a divine vision or divine dream comes to you giving you a message, it has to be confirmed in Holy Scripture.You see when the Holy Scripture is in our mouth and in our hearts and minds, it is the Living Word of the most High God. Jesus Creator of all that exists has come in the Flesh to establish the now Written entire Word: The Old Testament and The New Testament. (In fact if anything I say that is not written in scripture, is not doing what I’m told, and who wants my opinion instead of God’s anyway?)


Third you can’t go by opinions to determine what being a Christian is.

You must go by “Every Word that Proceeds out of the mouth of God”. ( if you can’t read, learn; if you can’t see or hear there will be a path made for you.)

The Holy Scripture is so much more than a story with a few optional rules; it’s like Fiber Optics, but with unlimited access to your soul, through your spirit.

The Word is also the Language God speaks to you and renews your computer like mind. When the Holy Spirit is in your spirit receiving the frequency, and converts it into understanding,with virus and adware protection.

As the Word of God is written on your heart and in your mind. The knowledge of Jesus is also in you,with the Promises to enable us to put on the Divine Nature and Jesus  is in the Holy Father, with the Holy Spirit, and we can be one with God and each other; a real spiritual family.


Forth Get a Bible that is not “amplified” Really, that would actually defeat the whole purpose. Get several Bibles to compare ,bibles that are not from small fringe groups, and that try to explain the Holy Scripture with all its advice, that also would defeat the purpose, get Bibles from old times (like the 1600’s and a few new type, so you can know the difference. If you want it’s ok to have concordances and commentaries or other type things written by Lovers of God. But the less is best that is in your Bible the Holy Scripture.

The Holy Scripture was not written by the will or insight of humans, but by God, the third part of the Holy Trinity, ( and don’t get stuck trying to figure out the Trinity It’s a mystery, think on this, some of you are mothers or fathers and, or a son or daughter, and or a sister or brother, maybe a friend your different persons but the same, well God is more: Three Distinct Persons but One in Being. God is also a community. But don’t try to decipher that quite yet. Unless you know all this and this is redundant and you're a teacher by now.

Our Heavenly Father created us for His pleasure. If we don’t need Him or want Him, what is that?It’s written He Himself will teach you, and no one will have to tell you know the Lord, or be Like Moses telling us what God wants to tell us Himself.


Fifth get a special place, and have adequate time, call on your Heavenly Father like a child saying Holy Father;

Ask Him to lead you guide you and teach you,

Seek to have His gift opening you eyes so you can see and perceive, also open your ears so you can hear and understand.

Knock to be One with Jesus His Words written on your heart, and breath on you filling you with His Precious Most Holy Spirit, so you have a direct line to God and power.


Sixth Don’t make your Pastor beg you for a bone, you should not be living better than your pastor, it’s written don’t muzzle the ox when he is milling out the grain.Your Pastor is first to help you to become a new babe in Christ. First, explaining preparation you will need to receive your Savior, like repenting of all your sins, confessing your sins, Your Pastor will be like a king to you representing Jesus Christ to you. How Jesus is your redeemer, purchasing your person in entirety, where you are no longer your own but Christ’s, God no longer expecting 10% but now 100%. Explaining how you must put away your wickedness, turning from all those things whereas you were rebelling against God.Putting on the Full Armor of Christ, explaining your not to covet your brothers or neighbors possessions and not coveting, especially his children and his wife.Like John the baptist he will show you to Jesus, and become an elder brother. He will tell you to take care of your family first then the church, Feeding you the Milk of the Word. He will explain about giving and receiving, and how you will prosper the health of your family and the things we use in life. It would get you much glory from your piers to give all you have throwing it at your pastor’s feet as the first christians did. It began wonderfully everyone sharing, but when the money was gone, they relied on others help, forgetting Jesus’s teaching about discipleship and stewardship, your pastor and the elders will counsel you to act wisely, and be innocent. Jesus tells us thiers higher insights to written scripture, If you read all the bible all the time asking Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Your Heavenly Father for understanding, you’ll have something of real value to share with your pastor and fellow at your church. If you are older and have value you don’t need and or can’t use to build your portfolio, Then Lay it down at your pastors feet, but keep it secret so your Heavenly Father knowing you sincere heart and generosity will bless you in ways so wonderful you might not be able to imagine. But it’d better if possible to multiply your talents like scripture explains and do so much more. 10% is the Old Covenant we are enjoying the wonderful powerful New Covenant.Jesus is your redeemer, you own all to Him and His Church, so go to your pastor and elders for counsel; praying together asking God ; who gives generously wisdom to those who ask., meet the needs of the church and multiply your talents ten to hundred fold. The Church is the extended family, but you must put your immediate family first, so as not to be like pagans. If you develop your church like family, not spreading your wealth everywhere saving a couple bucks but giving your brothers in Christ your support.Build a community of strength inorder to help the poor, the widow and orphans. It’s written “jesus said what you do to the least of these you do to me”.You will become Children of the Most High God.as you learn the meat of the Word so you can soar with the Eagles.

Let's Make America Great Again, What do you have to lose, saving your soul. Pray for your leaders, don’t curse them. Make good judgements. No liar will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Prayer the Lord's Prayer Love and Unite with all those whom love the Lord. Never make railing accusations against spiritual entities, rather like Michael when he disputed with Satan over the body of Moses saying simply, “The Lord Rebuke you”.