Crisis in America and the world.

Many people today have little idea of all the problems in this day and age, either by chance or on purpose, having challenges in their own lives. They have no time to review events of the day or haven’t the stomach to listen to more and more of the imminent dangers of our time.

In one way of thinking; it might very well be best, to not let ourselves get bogged down with stress, worrying about things we can do little or nothing to change. (God give me the wisdom to know what I can or not change). On the other hand events that come our way have consequences whether we want them or not, even somewhat trivial events can and often do roll into much larger events in the near or distant future. Ed Lorenz’s 1972 paper “Predictability” where he coined the ‘Butterfly Effect’ describing (Does the Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings in Brazil Set off a Tornado in Texas?)”. Or even a little thing can cause epic events under certain circumstances.

Many of us have built a snowman by taking a baseball size ball of snow and rolling it around until it has collected enough additional snow to form one of his enormous parts of his body. The circumstances of our pressing the snowball pushing it around collects additional mass, that appears to be endless, with its ability to grow and grow, the only limits being our personal ability and stamina.

So, even if we do nothing, the gravity of the situation over a little, or massive amount of time, and reactions, due to the event, are often things not seen, or even related, and often cause reactions that having no predictability at all.

Sometimes but, seldom doing nothing to avoid problems, has the result of turning out well. (The truth is if we forget the past mistakes we will likely repeat them.).

Without knowledge and keeping detailed history of events, do we have a chance of stemming off unwanted results of any situation? No; we seem to have little chance of knowing how things will turn out without, “Extreme precision” and “detailed planning”, but most of all, having as much knowledge available, can we have any chance of gaining the desired results of any situations outcome.

We have been lead to believe through every teaching and information of all official sources, that the evolution of all things lead to order and perfection, by the strong or ordered eliminating the weak and defective. After so many years of official information, we have pushed aside the evidence clearly seen, heard, felt, smelled, and perceived, that everything in existence is precise and detailed to the point of near perfection to endure or even exist, with extreme knowledge and parameters that allow change but directly continues to conform what exists toward what is to become.

In conclusion we must make every effort to do all we can, obtaining as much knowledge, about past, present, and future predictions, all reliable and correct information, we can. Examples, A watch without precision planning and precise creation, along with planned maintenance, will work correctly, being dependable for our life. A computer has to be exact in every detail of software and hardware, with maintenance, including virus protection and malware, to work correctly, and safely.

Can we just hope for better things to come?