National Day of Prayer in the year of Our Lord May 5 2016

This special Prayer is for Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Charles Keating, his Team, and His family.

Heavenly Father I come to you asking for forgiveness of neglectfulness to your Sacrifice Our Lord and Savior Jesus Our Christ, and the Most Precious Gift The Holy Spirit.

Neglectful in not seeking you with all sincerity, denying your Word for political correctness, comfort and our own desires.

Abandoning your ways for our ways. Seeking the teaching of men rather than the Word of the Most High God.

For not acknowledging your Work in our very beginnings of this Great Nation and in our very survival. For not acknowledging your protection, being ungrateful.

For not seeking your healing first and being grateful of all the medical knowledge you have given our caregivers.

Neglectful in humbling our self as a child, believing we need not read your Word or Reading it out loud, and as a child accepting that; You Oh Lord are not only able to keep your Word True Perfect with any flaw.

That Your Way Lord are Higher than our ways, and Your Thoughts are Higher than our thoughts, that you Word is truly the Bread of Life Spiritual Food, Real Food; fasting our spirit and  gorging our flesh and soul.

Neglectful in turning from our wicked ways, allowing our eyes to see abominable things, for our ears to hear degrading things. Putting our hope and faith in this world.

Wrongfully not heeding the Message You Give us to Turn from our sinfulness,but rather seeking for the end of times and destruction.

Not believing Our God would hold back destruction, praying for  more time, as He commands, and going forth and conquering new territory for Our Lord; so as new souls can worship Our Lord.

Lord Forgive us for all our misdeeds and sins Heal Our Land, turn our leaders hearts and mind to You and Your Ways O Lord and to those whom have received much to give much. For all those with gifts and talents to serve you with them. Turn the Enemies of Our Christ Jesus Our Lord away from us His servants, friends, His People, his bride.

Most of all Lord forgive us of not loving those who call upon Your Name. Unite all those who serve Christ Jesus Our Lord as you did in The Year Of Our Lord Seventeen Seventy Six, forming this Christian Nation and Unite Us with all the Christian nations not letting those who can’t defend themselves to be iniolated by this hoard of hatred.

Bless those whom have given their Lives, children, wealth, time there all in all for us to be Free, less there blood be on our hands forever. Put us back on the Narrow road which Leads to Life in You O Lord.