Today we are in danger of losing our freedom. Too many ways have our freedom's already been taken away. The real danger is that of the “frog in the frying pan”. We have a hard time nailing down just what we are losing and what can we do about it. It’s even harder to spell out what is happening; because we have been lead to believe the good guys are the bad guys, and or good is bad, and bad is good.

One hundred years ago George E Hale built a telescope on Mount Wilson. He built larger than any other, a feat of unbelievable engineering. It changed astronomy forever.

With this telescope Edward Hubble discovered we did not live in a galaxy alone but there are millions of galaxies. We are told that people of the past who were people of faith did not believe in truth, and now science has proven there is no God, especial a God of the Bible.

The evidence Science has found has changed so much in the last hundred years, but leaders speaking for the  science academia; have not challenged their piers of recent times past or even distance past. They have had to revise and rewrite science so many times, every time they find something new it’ throws the past theory in the trash.

You would think with their precision to detail and ability to criticize mistakes; especially of religious people, that they’d be able to tolerate some scrutiny.

Well, I’ll try to be humble, in telling these truths. Science and especially creationist scientist have destroyed the theory of evolution.  Cosmology has been totally proven to be designed and upheld by the Word of God.

Astronomy; the very beginning and the end of our universe are, and have always been in very existence of God.

Physics can only prove the existence, of God, and they should be ashamed of twisting and deceiving the words of Albert Einstein, who said there must be God.

Everything in existence proves there is a Creator. The Word of God has spelled out the way all things were created, and now it’s scientifically proven.

I love Science and History; we must return to teaching our children truth.

The planned demise of the family has not only worked against people of poverty, but even prosperous families raise not a few children with mental difficulties.