“The Sanctity of Life”1-2-2018

The Author describes How all people are created in the Image of God.Thus we deserve basic human needs. He states that God is on the side of the poor, In Exodus 3 God says He has seen the cruelty His People suffer. How in Proverbs the Lord hears the cries of the people and ready to take up their case and is chapter 22:22-23 will exact life for life “Those who give to the poor will lack nothing, but those who close their eyes to them will receive many curses (28:27).


“Speak up or those who can’t speak up for themselves.

Speak up for and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and Gospel Of Matthew (25::31ff) are the clearest of all.

Now I could go on and on about the great faith in Holy Scriptures and the need to listen and do what is written in the Bible.

This group of authors and Servants of the Highest God.

Have a purpose and call to service, but have let a “Fowler's Snare” creep up into their service. They recognize that “The Lord Thy God” has spoken truth to them establishing their purpose and service. Paul writings speak of the danger of putting human groups above God's purpose. It’s also written God watches over His Word to see it does not return void but fulfills its purpose. It’s also written God’s Prophecies are not composed by the will of Man but by God Him selves.When a servant of God teaches that, God knits us together in our mother's womb, they should also believe He is able to keep His WORD edited from those who would change it. So I often check out other versions of Holy Scripture. I like BibleGateway.com online so I can enjoy modern versions of Holy Scripture, and verify them with those bought with the blood and lives of those sincere Christians for hundreds of years.


My warning to you is to get your bibles dusted off and come to God in that quite special place you have for prayer, come as a child asking your Heavenly Father who Loves you to teach you, don’t come as a expert or scholar, for the Bible says if you come as a child He will reveal all the secrets of Heaven but if you come as one who knows everything He will confuse you.


Because as a person who loves the good that only comes from God, and have sought the Pearl of Great Price  to find out my purpose in His Plan, I have a Job and abilities to speak only what my Heavenly father Has said and do only what He does, Just as My Master and King whom only said and did What Our Heavenly Father says and does. God Say for Us to Be Holy and Perfect, and we can do all things through Jesus Christ. Read up on it before deciding it's impossible or that you can’t.


All those who are servants Of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ serve in the Five Fold Ministry as full time or as secular having a secular Job, but supporting His Church with Service. For we all should know that the Law came through Moses but Grace and Truth from Our Lord Jesus Christ.


So Be Warned that we have an enemy who seeks to destroy, and those without Knowledge and Faith Of Our Lord and Savior are in great danger. The greater the Purpose Our Lord has called you to the greater the potential Danger of “even the very elect being deceived and thus destroyed.