My name is John Hale; I have lived in St. Louis MO most of my Life, beginning near Tower Grove on Swan.

My Great Grandma Prophesied I get hit by a car if I didn’t stay out of the alley, and at about the age of three or four; a small car sent me end over end in the alley skinning me up but no serious injury,As a fast and loose little boy I obtained many trips for stitches to Cardinal Glennon Hospital for children, where I felt well known.

We moved to Dog Town, after my brother and I caught the apartment over Grandma on fire playing with fire. I began, kindergarten at Saint James the Greater, my mom being a good Irish Catholic. I was following my goody goody two shoes: “ perfect sister”, and hearing from the Nuns “why couldn’t I be like my sister” several times a day, or at least it seemed so.I was always in trouble beginning with several boys sticking sticks in the trash bin, and it starting on fire, I tried to get the other boys to stop being afraid of the fire.

I ran over to the Nun in charge of the playground, where she having watched us scolded me for telling on the other boys while being involved myself, began punishment, which seemed to never end, I spent morning before school and after school escorting My teacher the good sister to the church and having to sit for hours in a certain spot where orty years, I found to be in front of where the kept the Eucharist.

While in first grade I continued making errors the were costly . While playing chicken with cars with several other boys; and winning or I guess loosing being hit by a car, spent several month in Cardinal Glennon Hospital with a severe head injury.After returning to school and being put back on punishment.

My mother flipped and we moved to Kirkwood, MO and began second grade in Frank P. Tillman, So, I guess it’s my fault for us leaving private school for public school.

Later in Life having survived many narrow escapes with death, and my parents divorced, and me being kinda like a “Hippy” though; Hippies were from the 60’s we were called “Heads” long hair and cool, having been in trouble with school and some type of counselor at North Kirkwood Jr. High deciding for me and 30 or so other boy’s we weren't college material.

I had to move back into the City to live with my dad and go to Southwest High on Kingshighway and Arsenal. I ended up going to night school getting my High School Equivalency and began working at Royal Crown Soda on West Pine in Saint Louis.

I grew up in a time quite a different time than today,at the age of 12; my parents followed the trend of moving “on”, as the way to happiness.  I had many difficulties coming from a broken family.I became more of a wild child than I was before; I was raised, by the TV and my peers.

 I became an adult I sought to change. I did not want to continue in the pattern so many seemed to be in.

The change was slow to see, because I did not have the training children need from first their parents and the “village” as coined, I lacked the guidance children require.

I met a girl whom I married while delivering RC Cola to stores in Arnold Missouri. For a while We lived in Houston,Texas in the early 80’s working as a carpenter superintendent. My field of employment primarily had been in construction.

When I met my to be Wife I had to ask her father to date her; her father had two conditions. 1. We had to alway have a chaperone, her younger sister worked out well for us. 2. I had to be in church ; his church every time he was in his church. I did not realize that I was hearing the Words of God.

A new influence came into my life; it now dominates my very being.

I have changed for what I believe to be; for the good. My inspiration is to be; a good father, a great grandpaw, to be a faithful and a caring son to my 81 year old dad, with COPD, a worthy brother to my brothers and sister, a trustworthy and helpful neighbor. It’s also important for me to be a true friend to my friends, and the best citizen I can be.

Last but not least; it’s my hope to also fulfill the Lord's command, doing good to my enemy.

You see; America has been handed the baton in this human race; to lead this world toward prosperity, and security with the hope of enduring peace for us all.

We have worked for over two centuries to be a great nation spreading peace and prosperity for all.

Some of what I call new to the republican candidates are isolationist, ex libertarian candidates who have concluded, their cause needs additional voice, and supporters. They like most of what the GOP stands for and believe that the Republicans; having lost the presidency for two terms, along with making great headway in changing the Senate and House of Representatives to a majority. We are prime for any change that could lend our way to gaining additional supporters.

The other factor in gaining the necessary representation, maintaining majority or if possible a dominant majority giving us a mandate, and the hope of getting back the Presidency. It is the new millennial population that has for their entire life time been told; in all forms of media, and even in the education system; that we are all bad for this country and the whole world, not only the Republicans but, America also with its Religious Overtones.

John Hale