It's hard for me these days giving any advice, but like Jeremiah

The Word of The Lord is Within me and If I do not say these things I will surely die.

I hear and see people of our Lord not believing, God has Kept His Word True: they get confused when they read Holy Scripture and look to the notes and references, buying study bibles and many books that say they know the truth about God.

I see many people of the Lord seeing from there own perspective.

When I perceived so many people with perspectives, and a willingness to believe there perspective and condemn those whom do not see it their way.

When my denominations failed to keep me from falling into the snare of my enemy, I approached Our Heavenly Father questioning Him why?

Why was it not easier to discern the Holy Word so everyone would see all in one accord?

My Heavenly Father spoke into my being” That would defeat the purpose.”

“He said come to Me and we shall reason together”.

I remembered God would confound us if we came to Him as a scholar; we were to come to Him as a child crying “Abba Father”.

He will reveal all the mysteries. I remembered we were to read every Word that Preceded from the Mouth Of God.

So The Bible was not written by the will of mankind but of the Will Of God Himself.

The Word of God is a language of Love, and not a story to read over and over again, but was God Himself renewing our minds, God Himself Speaking to us every day; “Our Daily Bread”.

So don’t starve your spirit, seeking every new thing, but drink from your own well, return to God and He will return to you. “He that endures to the end will be saved”.