People may wonder about many things on this Earth, and may ask themselves Korea? Why now? The Lord has spoken to me and opens my eyes that I might see perceive as I come to HIM as a child. He reminds me of the great move bringing Christianity to this world. South Korea is so strong and in Korea, the powers of darkness are working in North Korea to try to bring South Korea to its knees. They're not trying to fight against America so much as to fight against our influence and to bring South in Korea into fear into doubt.

To fight against Our Lord's Word and it's  influence and power in their lives so those that love God and want to do it His way, shrink away from faith.

Please pray strongly for the world to come to Christ The Word Made Flesh especially for South Korea to Grow in Christ to have His Word in their hearts and enter their minds.  To be taught by Jesus, to be strong in their Love and to be loved by us; a true Christian Nation, the United States began in Christ and we are in Christ today though we have the same division as Korea does between those that love and those that hate.