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In The year of our Lord April 2nd 2019

Why would any woman want to be a man?

No one want someone else to tell them anything these days, especially one whom is not so successful or has made so many mistakes.

A woman in The Lord Jesus is so much more powerful if only she uses the tools Our Lord gave her. Her love is so powerful if she uses it as The Word prescribes.

Innocents is the key to super power in Jesus’s Name. It is written to be wise as a serpent and Innocent as a dove. Science has discovered it's not only Words but Music that everything is made of and without it everything ceases to exist.

Every frequency and shape difference changes the very substance of our subatomic particles;The Living God, combined with the light makes mass,and matter. We are all Light made and sustained by Our Lord The Word Of The Light and Life; Our Heavenly Father Jesus is The Light and Life of every mankind the comes into this world. The Light Shines into the darkness and the darkness does not understand it. Worshiping Our Lord with His Word Sings Faith Hope and Love which Creates what is not yet seen.

The whole Universe including this world. Was made and sustained by The Word Of God; So, if a Woman sings her prayers and Love conquers all; suffering for Our Lord and not our mistakes has promises, and if a Mothers dying prayer is always before the Lord and a Grandmothers dying prayers will always be answered, then when a woman suffers to bring a child into these world to love God her suffering in Love during this time has the power not only to change circumstances, but can change the world.

Sing Worship Songs and change hearts My Sweet Sweet Mothers.